Monday, December 13, 2010

Parenting Monday : LOVE

Hye and Assalamualaikum...

I got this book since 2009 and still I'm not able to finish it. Since I always have that problem; I want to share it with JOY, so that I can force myself to read this small book.

So, the book is Raise Your Child's Self-Esteem! by Nancy Krulik. Today, I would love to share the most simple thing in he world I bet all of us [mommy/daddy etc] always doing it to our child.

"Tell your child you love him at least once a day"

See, I told you...all of us did it, didn't we? As simple as cost at all. Try it with a big hug to your child and I'm sure your child will appreciate it one day!
I've started it with Adam... will you?

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