Hello Chemistry

As a Chemistry teacher, CR would love to share some inputs and tips in answering Chemistry SPM examination.
Hope that Allah gives CR strength to do it, Insyaallah.
Hope to start it as soon as possible....Happy Monday, students:)

SPM Chemistry 4541 contains 3 papers all together.
  1. Paper 1 - consist of 50 objective questions that mus be answered in 1 hour and 15 mins
  2. Paper 2 - subjective question that consist 6 structured questions and 4 essay questions [choose 2 from each part]
  3. Paper 3 - subjective questions and essay that involve science process skills
Basically,  CR will shares a lot of information in Paper 3 as P3 can contribute more marks and it is a lot easier:)

Till then:)

(Do click on the link provided in the front page or here)

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