Monday, December 12, 2011

SPM Chemistry Tips #1 - How to write an observation?

[This post dedicated to all SPM students]

Salam dan hye students,

For today tips, CR ingin berkongsi cara menulis Observation atau pemerhatian khas untuk Paper 3.  As I mentioned in the beginning of this corner, Chemistry 4541 contains 3 papers all together and P3 is the most easy yet tricky part.  So, you need to know the trick to score this part.  Shall we continue?

Observation is ability to use the sense of hearing, touch, smell, taste and sight to collect information about an object or a phenomenon. Jadi observation yang memerlukan anda mengira adalah dianggap kurang tepat. 

Contoh yang ingin CR kongsikan di sini adalah:

State the observation at anode for both experiment

In this case, what did you see from the diagram given?
Yeah, just write it in right chemistry type phrases

Experiment 1 -  Bubble gas produce
Experiment 2 - Copper electrode becomes thinner/smaller

As simple as that...Selamat mencuba.

Klik di sini untuk Jawapan.

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