Friday, December 2, 2011

My Crafting Corner : The Sketches

I live in 3 rooms single-storey terrace house. And of course it is space limited to have my own space.  The master bedroom for me and hubby.  The middle room is used by Cdeq my brother [he is using Adam's room for the time being] and the back room is for everything you can name it.

My tiny spaces to craft is in this back room.  The problem is I couldn't fine the things i want to use in a split second.  It is really in-organized.  So, I have decide to spend part of my money [i really don't want to...] to solve my problems and at the same time I could share the spaces with my little brother things systematically.

Here is the sketches.  Wish me luck, peeps:)
Hope to finish this by mid of January.  Will update the process and the final look:)

UPDATE : Called the "Uncle Cabinet" yesterday.  He decided to make the hanging cabinet at full height.  Furthermore the wide has been shortened to 6'.  CR have made wrong measurement hahaha...silly me:)
Will be complete middle of Dec.  We'll see the result soon, ya!

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