Friday, December 16, 2011

PANDUAN : Kitchen sink and the partners

Lovely Friday people:)

Not much to share as I am very busy organizing my things in new members of the house.  So many things to reorganize.  Will update and write an entry bout in later.

As for this beloved Joy, I would like to share on how I solve my problem in placing members of the kitchen sink.  Yeah, I have mentioned it before that I am living in a limited spaces corner house [ I have huge empty spaces outside the house hehehhe ironic, isn't it? you probably know why.], so my kitchen cabinet is only made of mica board as it is not permanently built.  Therefore using liquid dish washer is a problem to me because I need to control the wetness of the area.

At first, I think alaaa let it be, tapi when I think twice....I need pleeeennnnty time to kumpul duit maaa... So I need to take good care of the one I have:)

and I use suction cupped plastic shelve.

Tadaa...the kitchen sink and the partner:)
It reduce the wetness too..:)

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