Saturday, December 11, 2010

Date with Dentist

Salam and Happy Saturday!

yeah, mesti dah biasa jumpa dentist,kan? Bukan cerita besar but for Adam it's a first date hehhehe
Alhamdulillah, first appointment goes well. The Dentist is so kind... Adam pun selesa atas pangkuan Ibu, sambil Dr check his tooth. Gigi Adam ok...Dr pun ajar cara nak gosok gigi and I am glad Adam gives a good response to the Dentist. He answers all the questions and open his big mouth when told to. Good achievement for budak yang baru 3 weeks at taska...I am proud of you, Adam...:)

Gambar Google

Actually, Ibu and Ayah yang have appointment with the Dentist. Alang-alang, Adam pun terjebak sekali...

Pesan Dr. "Why not jadikan visit to the dentist as a Birthday routine"...hahhahah GOOD IDEA Dr. Tq very much.

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