Thursday, February 11, 2010


Salam Joy,

It's been a while since I've blogged about something educational. Last time was on December mentioning about Zinc.

So, today wants to share some interesting fact, which is....

there is one thing that we consume everyday
, without it we will be miserable, without it there are no sparks in life...cehhhhh... what is it??? Sodium Chloride aka table salt. LOL!!! heheheh

Sodium chloride is formed from Sodium ion and Chloride ion through ionic bond... don't want to mention about formation of the bonds, quite complicated and lots of explanation except for form 4 student, Insyaallah... the interesting point here is, Sodium is very reactive substance that could produce red flame if reacted with water. Sodium also can easily reacted with the oxygen from the air resulted these substance must be kept in the Parafin Oil.

Beside that, Chlorine is also very poisonous gas. If we inhale just 1000 ppm, it can cause us to death. These substance also has been used in
a war gas in 1915.
but SUBHANALLAH....when Sodium atom give its one valence electrons to chlorine atom, Sodium Chloride is form ; the substance that we consume everyday, no harm, all the poisonous characteristic is changes to one useful substance in life.... just by donating a single valence electron....

So, the point that I want to share with you is by donating we also could change people life. If it is not by money donation, may be we could start by donating our sweet precious SMILE.

Sodium chloride crystal

daa...take care.


  1. seronok baca entry ni..dah 3 tahun aku tak ngajar chemistry.rindu plak rasa.sejak pindah ke Triang (ikut suami)kena ngaja Science lower form sb kt sini dh cukup chemistry teacher..
    (tetiba teringat kat Datin yg ngaja kita kt UKM...hehe)

  2. eh,lupa plak..ko tny psl label tu kan?ni link;
    tp kena design sendiri lah guna photoshop

  3. Lia,

    heheh..kalau ko rindu, next time aku wat entry pasal chemistry lagi yek...

    haah..rindu datin ajar organic chemistry dulu, kerusi lah, kapal lah...lagi satu prof ikram...

    tq for the link yer...