Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Goedemorgen in Utrecht, Natherlands


Goedemorgen in Utrecht, Natherlands [Good Day in Utrecht, Netherlands]. Yeah, I am in Netherlands now for International Environment Scientific Project Olympiad INESPO 2011. It is held in Utrecht the forth biggest city in Netherlands.

Enjoy the pics, peop...I need more time to reorganize the pics:)

Take care

26th June - On the way to Utrecht using public train. Wah, semua org lari2 kejar train...dah lama x buat keje camni...Makcik mengah terkedek bawa bag berat ni oiii...

27th June - Arrive at the Exhibition Hall, Universiteit Utrecht. Berseni bangunan kat U ni...Bicycle? yeah, everybody cycle, even when u wear complete,eh?

27th June - The two students, very energetic and full of spirit in the 1st day. Proud to raise the Malaysian flag too:)

Till then, lots of love from Utrecht, Netherlands


  1. La, awat cikgu tak cakap awal-awal.. kalau tak boleh saya menyinggah kejap melawat.. huhu