Friday, June 3, 2011

Saya Berangan lagi - Sewing Machine; Mana satu pilihan hati?


CR memang suka berangan. Tak nak mental-block... tapi tulah, tak nak juga dikategorikan sebagai MatJenin pulak,kan.

Angan-angan terbaru adalah untuk memiliki Sewing Machine (SM) baru. Walaupun dah ada basic SM, tapi my Singer 8280 adalah sangat basic. Tapi tak melupakan bahawa si dia sangat berharga dan membantu CR yang dulunya buta jahit ni.

Kenapa CR nak SM baru? I want to explore new things in sewing. Sebenar-benarnya nak yang boleh wat alphabet embroidery... Naaak sangat2.

So, ada 2 choice...
1st is Brother NV50 RM1499
* 135 stitch types
* F.A.S.T needle threading system
* 1 step automatic buttonhole
* 7 Point feed
* Drop feed lever
* LCD display screen
* LED sewing light
* Quick start bobbin
* Stitch length/width adjustment
* Automatic bobbin winding
* Hard casing

NV50 / Innovis 50 computerised sewing machine will inspire you to be creative.

The NV50 / Innovis 50 is the perfect choice for those of us who want to get more creative. It is feature packed with 135 built in stitches, including 10 buttonholes that you can quickly and easily at the touch of the pad. The built in lettering can be used to create labels or monogrammes - you can combine up to 35 different stitches to create your own stitch patterns.

yang 2nd is 988 Singer Computermatic SM RM1999

Computermatic sewing machine
156 Built-in stitches
8 styles of one step buttonholer
7 direct-stitch button selection
Stitch width 7mm – zig-zag & decorative stitches
Automatic needle threading
One touch start/stop/reverse operation
Adjustable sewing speed
Stitch width & length control
Operates with or without foot controller
Complete with extension table & walking foot -great for quilting

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  1. hai.dah beli ke mesin? saya pun sama tengah bingung nak beli mesin mana 1..