Monday, July 11, 2011


Salam Dear Readers,

I know and yet very sure that we will use toilet at least 4 times a day. We will spend at least 3% of our precious time in the toilet (Mr T). I would like to have 3% of my precious time to be worth it. What I mean by ‘worth it’ is like you don’t waste it by using dirty and smelly toilet. Ermmm...actually everybody hates dirty yet smelly toilet.

I think you know where I am heading to.... the cleanliness and well maintain public toilet.

For about 6 days in foreign country, I use several toilets at different places. I really mean it, it’s the public Mr T. I think their toilet is much much better than ours. In terms of maintenance, cleanliness and the smell too. I keep thinking how does Mr T here which doesn’t have water pipe (the one that used to be in every Mr T in our place) can be sooo and sooo much clean and smell fresh. Does everybody didn’t use the public Mr T here? I guess not.

So peeps, I really hope that we as an adult and may be a parents to our lovely youngster, should inculcate the good habit from our sweet home just to ensure that our 3% time per day spent worth.

What you can do?

· Teach your child to flush every time they use the toilet. [kalau flush toilet rosak, then it is not our fault the toilet is dirty, we have play our rule]

· Place at least towel in toilet of your home, tell your child to wash their hands and use the towel every time after washing their hands. It is really good habit [kan toilet banyak bacteria...]

· Spend some money to buy air fresheners in the toilet. [here you can personalize your own toilet, toilet kat rumah je ye...:)]

Till then, take care:)

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