Saturday, April 24, 2010

5 Minutes Recipe


Its been ages, since I share recipe with you; Joy. So, today I would like to share a 5 minutes recipe..:)

Layan gambar dulu yek..

hehehe...Thats why I call it 5 minutes recipe.

first, fry potato fries and nugget [whatever brand do you like.]
finish with first step.

next, fry daging burger until it is completely cooked [you may use minced meat too]
make sure to use just a little cooking oil, to avoid your meat from being too oily
add a bit black-pepper, oregano, thyme and salt secukup rasa
next add in 2 table spoon of mayonnaise, chili sauce and cheese
to make it healthier, serve it with chopped capsicum, onion and tomatoes
kacaulah sampai sebati...
uish bau dia, I like!!!

Tadaaa..siap dah. Usually I ate this with bread, but since I don't have bread in the kitchen today...I think It is ok to eat it with nugget and fries...:)

Take care.

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