Saturday, January 30, 2010

Spring Cleaning or Hot Cleaning :P

Salam Joy....

Here is the definition of spring cleaning I found it in wikipedia.

"SPRING CLEANING is the period in spring time set aside for cleaning a house, normally applied in climates with a cold winter.

The most common usage of spring cleaning refers to the yearly act of cleaning a house from top to bottom which would take place in the first warm days of the year typically in spring, hence the name. However it has also come to be synonymous with any kind of heavy duty cleaning or organizing enterprise. A person who gets their affairs in order before an audit or inspection could be said to be doing some spring cleaning."

Why do we do our said to be spring cleaning in this very hot period??? heheheh Simple answer, because here in Malaysia there is no spring time...hehehe As I mentioned in this entry we are waiting for new member of the house. But the member isn't human ya. So, bermulalah sesi mengemas rumah, actually can't say it as cleaning. Should refer it as arranging, plus cleaning. Adoi....penatnya Ibu. Yang paling penat, Adam kut. Apa yang ayah and Ibu buat semua budak kecik ni nak tiru. When Ibu using the duster, he also want to use it. Bila ayah panjat tangga, dia pun nak panjat tangga. End up, kami penat melayan si kecik ni jer...

Adam, jangan time kecik jer buat-buat rajin sudah....but doing the activity together is really satisfying....

daa..take care

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