Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Fully Breast Pumping

Hello Joy,

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I'm blogging while breastpumping....I've been breastpumping since the 2nd day after giving birth to Aiesya. Alhamdulillah, there are still breast milk (BM) in every pumping session, not much but enough for Aiesya consumption [3-5 Oz per pumping session-4-5 session per day]. And this fact, deny all the rumours that if we didn't direct feed, we will not able to breastfeed our child exclusively.... I'm hoping that I'm able to produce BM for a longer period, as Aiesya is still in the NICU at Hospital Batu Pahat. Amin...

Urm...for your information Joy, eventhough I've failed to breastfeed Adam until 6 months [manage to feed him until 5 months only but not exclusively] this time I'm able to give Adam my BM...funny coz he is 2+ years now....why??? Aiesya can't consume much BM at the time being, so why wasting......am I right???

So, till then....I'm driving to batu pahat today, after 3 months on leave....dah lama tak drive...

can't wait to see my Aiesya....

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  1. haha..terkejut sekejap..ingat breast ila tadi!haha..insyaAllah baby aiesya will get stronger :)