Wednesday, December 16, 2009

EBM decreases problem

Salam Joy,
2 - 3 hari nih EBM production is not consistent. Paling-paling banyak pun 4.5 oz jer per pumping session. Sometimes I only manage to pump 2.5 oz. Sedihnyer.....
Antara sebab yg mungkin ialah kurang air kut. tapi I always ensure that my water consumption is more than 2 L per day. May be 2 L is just not enough for me. I need to consume more water.
So, today I surf for power pumping to increase milk production. It's true that our baby is the best pump in the world. The more they nursing, the more milk will be produced. Since my baby is not ready to nurse, I have to use breastpump to express my breast milk.

What is power pumping technique??
Power Pump:
1 - Pump for 10 minutes,
2 - wait a few minutes, pump another 10 minutes,
3 - wait a few minutes, and then pump another 10 minutes.
You should experience three or more separate letdowns and more milk overall.
ok...we'll see the result by 2-3 days later...
daa...take care..

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