Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Anniversary??? Apa nak buat?

Salam Joy,

I have another 9 days to plan activity on our special day...mmm our special day is on the 24th Dec. Esok tu cuti Christmas. Apa lah nak buat yek???

Planning to watch movie jer. 2012 ok tak?? kene cari yang Hubby leh terima gak... then seperti biasa, visiting Aiesya the next day. I think, Aiesya is the anniversary gift to both of us. Allah has give us Aiesya to test our love bonds....how much we care for each other....how we support each other....
So, berbalik pada tajuk asal, apalah nak buat yer? nnt i'll update yeah...
daaa..take care...

Life's greatest happiness is to be convinced we are loved.


  1. x bes la tgk 2012 taim enibeseri...heheh
    tgk newmoon laa lomentik sket ;p
    eh,enibeseri u ol same la dgn kaknor akak..eniway epi 3rd enibeseri(betul ke da 3 taon ek..heheh akak ni kdg2 fel dlm sabjek met..)

  2. hehehe...ila on jer memaner pun...
    kang Hubby Buchuk ku itu lelap sebelah ila lak...hehehehhe