Sunday, November 22, 2009

My Miracle Prem Baby - Aiesya Zaffan bt Shah Rizal

My baby Aiesya is a prem, mesti dah terbayang betapa keciknya Aiesya, kurusnya dia....kan???

Alhamdulillah, dia tak sekecil yang kita bayangkan,Joy....she is 41cm long and the weight is 1.3kg...but...yang tak sanggup dibayangkan ialah all the tubes yang dicucuk ke tubuh kecil baby ku....mmg tak sanggup, ibu mana yang tak mengalirkan air mata bila tgk anak kita yang masih merah penuh berselirat wires and tubes...gambar mmg tak boleh, I'll paste gambar dari google ye...

Ventilator: If your baby is very premature or weak, she might need a ventilator to help her lungs do the work of breathing. This machine pushes air into the lungs, through a tube that has been passed into the windpipe.

Drips, lines and catheters: Tubes are placed in your baby's veins to deliver fluids, medicines or nutrition. Tubes are placed in her arteries to test her blood pressure or oxygen levels.

Infusion pump: This machine makes sure that medicines and fluids are delivered into your baby's veins at the right rate and speed.

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