Thursday, September 17, 2015

One More Day to Holiday


Hye Joy,
yeaaah finally its school holiday.  Of course I am happy, I am a teacher, right?

I will have more time for myself, I want to make more busy bag activities for Adam and Amsyar, I will cook extra-delicious meal for my family....

But unfortunately, I think it is just activities that will stay in my to do list... Poor CR...hmm, I have what we call 'hakiki' things to be finished. But, surely I will be filling every single chance I have to at least doing 1 or 2 activities from my to do list...wish me luck ya...

I never had a before and after picture of myself before heeheheh its kind of weird!  Can all of you please spot difference between my before and after picture?

Actually, to be honest... I usually wear make up when I feel like wearing it.  Most of the day (weekdays) I just put on my konon natural look... Haahhaah and today, my friend said this to me "Apsal hari ni ko nampak SIAP?" Heheeheheh People around me can tell a slightly different in me...well, they love me, do they?

Till then peeps, take care and muaahhh

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