Friday, December 16, 2011

Lekat sendiri Stamp Label

Salam jumaat,

been resting from sewing quite long.  dah dekat setengah tahun tak buat projek baru.  projek sendiri2 pun tak berupload.  Try to start my hobby again seriously, InsyaAllah.

haaa..have you seen this before? Jauh CR beli ni. dekat sebulan baru arrive.  Tq My Botang:)

These are the outcome:)

Happy weekend uoolls:)

PANDUAN : Kitchen sink and the partners

Lovely Friday people:)

Not much to share as I am very busy organizing my things in new members of the house.  So many things to reorganize.  Will update and write an entry bout in later.

As for this beloved Joy, I would like to share on how I solve my problem in placing members of the kitchen sink.  Yeah, I have mentioned it before that I am living in a limited spaces corner house [ I have huge empty spaces outside the house hehehhe ironic, isn't it? you probably know why.], so my kitchen cabinet is only made of mica board as it is not permanently built.  Therefore using liquid dish washer is a problem to me because I need to control the wetness of the area.

At first, I think alaaa let it be, tapi when I think twice....I need pleeeennnnty time to kumpul duit maaa... So I need to take good care of the one I have:)

and I use suction cupped plastic shelve.

Tadaa...the kitchen sink and the partner:)
It reduce the wetness too..:)

Monday, December 12, 2011

SPM Chemistry Tips #1 - How to write an observation?

[This post dedicated to all SPM students]

Salam dan hye students,

For today tips, CR ingin berkongsi cara menulis Observation atau pemerhatian khas untuk Paper 3.  As I mentioned in the beginning of this corner, Chemistry 4541 contains 3 papers all together and P3 is the most easy yet tricky part.  So, you need to know the trick to score this part.  Shall we continue?

Observation is ability to use the sense of hearing, touch, smell, taste and sight to collect information about an object or a phenomenon. Jadi observation yang memerlukan anda mengira adalah dianggap kurang tepat. 

Contoh yang ingin CR kongsikan di sini adalah:

State the observation at anode for both experiment

In this case, what did you see from the diagram given?
Yeah, just write it in right chemistry type phrases

Experiment 1 -  Bubble gas produce
Experiment 2 - Copper electrode becomes thinner/smaller

As simple as that...Selamat mencuba.

Klik di sini untuk Jawapan.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lighting Rooms ideas - Lighting - IKEA

Wah, imagining My Crafting Corner just like this hahahhahaah
Actually, my sketch of My Crafting Corner in this entry is 60% like this, rite. I think I have to save money for the lighting:)

daaa...enjoy the pic:)

Lighting Rooms ideas - Lighting - IKEA: Lighting Rooms ideas

Saturday, December 10, 2011

RESEPI : Ayam Panggang ala Kenny Rogers


Salam Alaik and Happy Saturday people:)
Macam biasalah, weekend is family time!  So, CR grab this chance to cook to my beloved family.  Menu pilihan hari ni adalah

My Weekend's Lunch Menu, Roasted Chicken, Homemade Mashed potatoes and coleslaw served with fresh salad:)

  1. Ayam Panggang ala Kenny Rogers served with butter rice
  2. Coleslaw
  3. Mashed Potatoes and Mushroom Gravy
  4. Fresh Salad
Haaa...mengiurkan tak membacanye:) hehehhe

The Ingredients:
  • 1 whole chicken
  • 2 bawang besar
  • 9 ulas bawang putih
  • 3/4 inch ginger
  • mixture of sos tiram + kicap + serbuk lada hitam [CR campur je serbuk halus dan kasar]
  • 1 kiub ayam KNORR
  • 2 table spoon granulated sugar
  • 2 table spoon mixture of dry basil leaves and oregano
  • 2 table spoon honey
  • 1 1/2 tea spoon salt
  • small cut of lemon grass
  • water
  • margerine

  1. Clean the chicken and put it aside
  2. blend all ingredient with water [secukupnya, jgn cair sangat]
  3. sapukan pada keseluruhan ayam tadi, termasuk di bahagian dalamnya
  4. marinate it for 2 hours
  5. panaskan oven ke 150 -200 degree celcius selama 5-10 min
  6. put the chicken to the rottisserie. [CR cari dekat how to...first timer, tu yang semua x reti tu..:)]
  7. then roast it for 11/2 hours.  
Yeay!!! MrHubbyBuchuk cakap sedap:) ....

Ayam Panggang yang freshly roast from the oven:)

Friday, December 2, 2011

My Crafting Corner : The Sketches

I live in 3 rooms single-storey terrace house. And of course it is space limited to have my own space.  The master bedroom for me and hubby.  The middle room is used by Cdeq my brother [he is using Adam's room for the time being] and the back room is for everything you can name it.

My tiny spaces to craft is in this back room.  The problem is I couldn't fine the things i want to use in a split second.  It is really in-organized.  So, I have decide to spend part of my money [i really don't want to...] to solve my problems and at the same time I could share the spaces with my little brother things systematically.

Here is the sketches.  Wish me luck, peeps:)
Hope to finish this by mid of January.  Will update the process and the final look:)

UPDATE : Called the "Uncle Cabinet" yesterday.  He decided to make the hanging cabinet at full height.  Furthermore the wide has been shortened to 6'.  CR have made wrong measurement hahaha...silly me:)
Will be complete middle of Dec.  We'll see the result soon, ya!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

We eat like Malaysian


CR having breakfast at mamak's stall near examination centre [where CR invigilate the SPM examination] early in the morning.  About 7.10 am in the morning.  At that mamak's stall, there are malays, chinese and indians too.  Really shows the variety in our beloved Malaysia's community.

Actually, di kawasan tersebut majority community nya adalah masyarakat cina.  Itu yang menjadi persoalannya di sini.  Kenapa pakcik Cina yang duduk di meja sebelah tidak ke gerai yang sebangsa dengannya, ya?  Haa, what does he eats?  A plate of nasi lemak, roti canai [roti telur rasanya] and a mug of teh tarik kaw punya...  truly Malaysian!

Ye kawan-kawan, if we can share the variety of foods in our country, why not we share the peacefulness and understandings.  Semua orang akan untung, win-win situation.  CR against racism!

*** This article didn't meant to encourage people to eat without thinking.  CR just share my opinion on Malaysian Foods, TQ

Taska Ummie Al-Usrah Graduation Day

Hye and Morning.

First entry in December.  It's December already, how time flies.  Cepat sangat, almost come to the end.  This entry is again a back-dated entry about my boy.

This is his first Graduation Day and Ibu hopes that there will be plenty more to come.  Maklumlah, kalau dah Taska pun ber'Graduation' bagai....By the time he is 20 years old, berapa kali nak graduate agaknya....Ibu doakan yang terbaik untuk anak bujang Ibu ni:)

haha, out of 60-s retro theme lah, sayang.  But ada gaya Samseng Kg Dusun tak?

with friends.  Ramai Sarep Dol kecik rupanya

bergaya depan juri. Nasib lah he's willing.

Besarnye jubah anak Ibu...Habis nampak t-shirt

Bila Adam dah tak sabar nak buka hadiah.  Alhamdulillah, Ibu syukur dan berdoa yang terbaik untuk Adam.
Bila CR dengar lagu ni dinyanyikan oleh Adam dan kawan-kawanya, sebak dan sayu sangat.  Video tak dapat nak upload, but nak kawan-kawan layan lagu UMMI ni ye....Tq Adam, I feel that I am appreciated.