Sunday, February 1, 2009

Project No 1

Hmmm...Insyaallah tomorrow my new brand sewing machine will arrive.. Yeayy!! I've been waiting for so long...but, unfortunately...i don't now how to sew at!!
hehehhe....mesti pelik,kan?? dah la tak tahu menjahit langsung...gatal-gatal pulak beli sewing machine...

Actually, its just an investment. I would like to learn how to sew, step by step. Sewing as a hobby could produce income...But to be realistic, I don't want to earn any income by sewing. Just want to learn new thing.

So, for the first project, I hope I could sew 4 DIY ariani clone hijab...agak-agak leh tak?? My first almost Ariani Hijab dijahit tangan aje...tak berapa kemas lah... but if I manage to sew this 4 DIY Ariani clone hijab, I can proceed with second project which is......may I keep it as secret????

So, I'll update what happen to my first project in the next entry yeah...

This is the sewing machine that I bought from Kedai Singer Jasin
-Dear sewing machine, please let me use you wisely-

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