Monday, April 6, 2009

Product of Project No 1

hehehhe...Its been a long time since I started the Project No 1. Since 1st Feb I guess. Actually the product have been produced long time ago, but I'm a busy teacher, [busy body pun ye kut...] loads of work to do; marking, planning the handouts, jadi AJK sane, AJK sini...blablabla....

So, this is the time I manage to present products of Project No 1....

from the right :
1-Shocking pink KAMDAR jersey with flowery black brocade...nih jahit ngan tangan jer...but have been modified...alter...huhuhu
2-Blue KAMDAR jersey [murah sikit for org baru belajar] with cotton awning [senang nak jahit]
3, 4 -Black J1 jersey [mahal sikit] with cotton awning & brown J1 jersey with stripe Thai Silk awning

Together with this, I also want to present the 2nd and 3rd batch of My DIY Homemade Hijab...sewwing and sewing have increase my skills in using the sewing machine....banyak nyer menda baru that I manage to learn...dari sebasic-basic things about sewing machine to intermediate kut..hehehhe...
and the best things is, now I have my own Industrial & Artisan Sewing bagus2 lak...actually the machine jahit tepi is Mama's...She is very kind and generous to let me lend hers...sebab dah 15 years the machine terperuk jer tepi katil huhuhu...don't wasting....:p

2nd batch
-purple J1 jersey with purple sakura brocade, off white J1 jersey with off white bamboo brocade

3rd batch
-black JAKEL lycra with Black n White awnings [like it very much, tapi susah nak jahit]
-brown MIKAWAH jersey with cotton awning
-blue J1 jersey with cotton awning