Saturday, March 28, 2015

Saya Si Gigi Besi

Salam Sabtu
Does your weekend is cool enough? I hope the answer is yes! And tomorrow will brings another fantastic moment to you, InshaAllah.

As for me, my saturday isn't that great. But I enjoy it to the fullest with my 3 heroes. Yeay! Weekend is great with these 3.

Just to share with JOY, after quite sometimes(lama...dari anak dara CR berfikir hahaah), I finally made up my mind to wear this metal thing inside my mouth. Memaksa diri actually. I did mentioned here that Dentist had made prediction that Adam has higer tendency to wear braces... before the son wearing it, let the mother try it first,kan......

So, here I am...menahan kesakitan masa makan. I have to stop myself from eating variety type of food...yeahhh this is not so cool man...because I love to eat!

Till then, have a great Saturday peeps...muah muah


Thursday, March 26, 2015

SCHOOL - Menikmati Terik Mentari...

Salam hari Khamis,

Inilah senarionya bila anak murid datang lewat 30 minit dan waktu teaching and learning hanya 50 minit hari iniπŸ˜‰

Jom anak-anak, CR x kuasa nak menambah kedutan di muka yang nyata tidak ada (kononnya...). Tak mahu marah2, x mahu bebel-bebel.

Marilah kita nikmati suara breezy and sunny day di MRSMTGB. Lawa, kan pepohon yang hijau melambai...πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

#sayasayanganakmuridsaya #sayasukajadicikgu

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Scrapbooking - My Baby Boo


On the 1st of March 2015, CR has received new nephew...yeah cousin of Adam and Amsyar. We feel very grateful and full of happiness to welcome our new family member.

CR has made a flipped door sign for this baby boo...

Actually, this baby scrapbooking set is bought from POPULAR. Nice one, isn't it? CR just adds some creativity and accessories to this masterpiece and tadaaaa...

This is a dua by Prophet Ibrahim... a very beautiful dua. May Aish Al-Kauthar become a pious muslimin...

Take care, peeps. Muah!