Saturday, March 28, 2015

Saya Si Gigi Besi

Salam Sabtu
Does your weekend is cool enough? I hope the answer is yes! And tomorrow will brings another fantastic moment to you, InshaAllah.

As for me, my saturday isn't that great. But I enjoy it to the fullest with my 3 heroes. Yeay! Weekend is great with these 3.

Just to share with JOY, after quite sometimes(lama...dari anak dara CR berfikir hahaah), I finally made up my mind to wear this metal thing inside my mouth. Memaksa diri actually. I did mentioned here that Dentist had made prediction that Adam has higer tendency to wear braces... before the son wearing it, let the mother try it first,kan......

So, here I am...menahan kesakitan masa makan. I have to stop myself from eating variety type of food...yeahhh this is not so cool man...because I love to eat!

Till then, have a great Saturday peeps...muah muah


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  1. Blog yang menarik, jom singgah blog saya TQ :)