Friday, June 14, 2013

Public Library - PERPUSTAM


Dah lama nk update cerita library ni. Tapi byk sgt halangan. Last school holiday, we doesn't have special activity to do with the kids. As my husband and CR have to work. Name je cuti sekolah...xpe. Thats normal for my school.

So, we decided to spend time in Library. Perpustakaan Negara. Tapi, when we in KL, Adik pulak x sihat. So PERPUSTAM is the second choice.

Wow! That's the first word comes from my mouth. First time here, and I think PERPUSTAM berjaya attract students to spend time in library.

Positively, PERPUSTAM have small theater room for 12 childs. The movies are all 3d movies. So we have to pay RM5 for the 3d spec.

PERPUSTAM also provide pcs for internet surfer at minimum rate. RM1 for half an hour. There are also multimedia room to play games. I dont like this at all. But thinking it is better for the kids to play games in library than in shopping complex, i think it is ok....but x setuju sgt hehehe

Nak tau sebab ape? Sbb Adam prefer to play games than reading the book. That's why. But this is his first time here. CR x nk paksa. I told him, next time we come here, you have to read 1 book, then only you can play the game.

Apa pulak si Adik buat?
Tido sambil menikmati......

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