Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Need a Basket Ball Coach, please...

Hye Joy...

Dengarlah jeritan hati CR ni...

1. I don't know how to play Basket Ball
2. I don't even know the rules...
3. I was introduced to Basket ball by comic which is Slam Dunk...haha
4. The basket ball team in my school doesn't exist yet...we just have the Basket Ball Club..
5. I am the Team Manager starting from yesterday.
6. The state tournament will be on 25th April.

So, from the above points...Ireally need a coach for my none exist team...[baru nak cari player, okeh]
Be strong CR...You have to stay calm:)

[If I had Shohoku Team for my school..hahhaha...impian semata-mata]

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