Monday, October 5, 2009

Backe dated Entry - 1st October 2009

Salam Joy,

I've been admitted to Melaka General Hospital again, and this time I really don't know how long I'll spend my time here as the Gynea said that I should rest physically and mentally. She suggested that I cannot coop with the pressure and stress I've been dealing with. As for me, I'm not stress or depress but a bit exhausted.

Yesterday, after having dinner with Mr Hubby, I play with Adam. Adam was laughing and I love when he is smilling and laughing. Suddenly, I felt something coming out, then I went to the toilet to check and do something...what was shocking me to death is there are blood clot and fresh many bad things appeares, Ya Allah I don't want to lose my baby...

Alhamdulillah, baby is gaining her weight healthyly. Only Ibu who still have low lying placenta and some erosion in the cervic area.

Ya Allah give me the best, give me the strength to deal with the test...i'll do anything, I'll try to stand the pain I've going through due to medicinal session, all for my little baby. I want to give as many chances as I can to my baby so that she will survive....Amiin..

Daa, Take care...

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